On the third Wednesday of every month, Christie will teach a complete cooking class and you will be able to taste the quality of her delicious food. A reservation must be made in advance. You are welcome to bring a guest or two. Christie has taught cooking professionally for many years and can answer any questions you might have.

This will be a complete meal along with appetizers, wine and dessert. In this class you will learn some basic fundamentals as well as a few fancy touches to impress your new hubby or guests. Adults only please.


A wedding cake is an important part of your reception.
Here are some things to consider:

Visit various bakeries and wedding shows and sample
their cakes. The pictures can be wonderful but the
taste uninspired. Some bakeries offer a variety of
flavors, fillings and frostings in one cake, it is nice
for guests to have a choice.
Ask for recommendations from your friends and
your caterer.
Determine your budget and inquire about additional
charges for delivery or return policies on accessories
such as mirrors, stands, pillars, etc.
Is there a fee for cutting the cake? Some clubs, hotels
and caterers do charge a cake cutting fee. After the bride
and groom cut the first piece, our staff will be glad to
take over. They are experienced with cutting the cake
quickly and neatly. We do not charge a cake cutting fee.
If you’d like, it is a nice touch to have the bridesmaids
tray pass cake to the guests.
We have found that not everyone will eat cake. Usually,
about 75% of your guests will have cake.
Often florists, bakeries or the caterer will put fresh
flowers on the cake. We will be happy to do this at no
charge just supply the flowers and a photo of how you
want the cake to look.
Are you saving the top layer for your anniversary? Be
sure to let us know. Who will take the leftover cake
home and return the cake parts to the bakery?
Do you have a cake top or toasting goblets? We'll
supply the cake knife and server as well as a
champagne bucket.
If you are serving the cake outdoors, be sure to let your
bakery know. We have had cakes melt and slide from the
heat and squirrels do nibble…
If cost is a factor, sheet cakes can be used as back up
to the main cake to save money. Supplemental dessert
bars are also a nice change of pace.
Some brides are now doing cupcakes or desert bars,
we have a delicious assortment of both!


What happens when your cake doesn't make it to your
reception in one piece?

Here is an example of when Christie's experience and
quick thinking in a crisis really pays off. Sometimes it
just takes a little bit of flowers and a careful touch.

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Ballard Elks Lodge
Center for Urban Horticulture University
Daybreak Star Art Center
Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center
Elks Lodge
Factory Luxe
Fauntleroy Church
Georgetown Stables
Golden Gardens Bathhouse
Great Hall at Greanlake
Knights of Columbus
Laurelhurst Community Center
Mount Baker Community Club
Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center
New Holly Neighborhood Campus
Nordic Heritage Museum
Queen Anne Masonic Lodge
Rainier Chapter House
South Park Community Center
St. Demetrios Hall
Sunset Hill Community Association
The Landing at Northcut
Within SODO
Washington Park Aboretum

North End

A Country Location
Arbor Gardens
Belle Chapel
Craven Farm
Dragon Fly Retreat
Edmonds Center for the Arts
Edmonds Conference Center
Edmonds Senior Center
Floral Hall
Lake Forest Park Civic Club
Leifer Manor
Marysville Opera House
Monte Villa Farmhouse
Northshore Senior Center
Rosehill Community Center
Shoreline Conference Center
Swans Trail Farm

East Side

Beaver Lake Lodge
Blakely Hall
Delille Cellars
Highland Community Center
Issaquah Community Center
Mercer Island Beach Club
Mercer Island Community Center
Newport Shores Neighborhood & Yacht Club
North Bellevue Community Center
Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church
Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
Pickering Barn
Preston Community Center
Redmond Ridge
Redmond Senior Center
South Bellevue Community Center
Tibbetts Creek Manor


South End

Annie Wright School
Brown’s Point Improvement Club
Burien Elks Lodge # 2143
Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley
Chambers Creek
Chateau Event Center
City of Renton Community Center
Des Moines Beach Park Events Center
Des Moines Yacht Club
Enumclaw Expo Center
Events on 6th
Federal Way Senior Center
Foss Waterway Seaport
Genesis Farm
Kent Senior Activities Center
King County Aquatic Center
Lake Wilderness
Les Gove Park - Millennium Room
Marymount Event Center
Metropolitan Banquet Hall
McGavick Conference Center at Clover Park
Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center
Normandy Park Community Club
Old Town Music Society
Orting Manor
Pagoda @ Point Defiance Zoo
Pioneer Park Pavilion
Puyallup Fair & Events Center
Renton Senior Activity Center
Rock Creek Gardens
SeaTac Community Center
Shangri-La on the Green
Slavonian Hall
Star Center Facility
Station House 726
Steilacoom Facilities
Tacoma Lawn Tennis Club
The Centre at Norpoint
The Chapel on Echo Bay
The Edgewater House
Thornewood Castle
Titlow Lodge Community Center
Trinity Tree Farm
Tukwila Community Center
Union Station Tacoma
UW Tacoma
Washington State History Museum
Wine & Roses Country Estate

When planning a menu to serve your guests, one of the first things to consider is the time of day and the season of the year. For a morning event or early afternoon, a brunch, tea party or luncheon can be served. Later in the day, a full meal dinner should be offered. For those events taking place late in the evening, a dinner buffet or a hearty hors d’oeuvre menu can be planned. It is nice to state on the invitation “Dinner Reception Following” so that guests will know what to expect. In the spring and summer, lighter foods should be offered and, in cooler months, a hearty selection is appropriate. We are happy to accommodate serving favorite foods or traditional dishes, just ask.

At the beginning of a wedding reception it is nice to have the bar open and have coffee, ice water and punch available. We usually have an appetizer or two on the bar and often have hors d’oeuvre tray passed as well. This gives the guests a chance to get settled and for the bride and groom to make a grand entrance.

You can mix, match or add items as your budget and taste buds dictate from the formula below:

Assorted Cheeses and Crackers on the Bar
One Additional Appetizer to self-serve on the Bar
One Tray-passed Appetizer
Entrée or Two
Salad or Two
Vegetable Selection
Bread and Butter Selection
Signature Fruit Display

We are experts at helping you select foods that have a wide appeal to people as well as being experienced as to what will serve large crowds. Duplicate buffets and food stations can be set up to help accommodate bigger receptions and make sure the event flows smoothly. This is your party and we want you to relax and enjoy every minute, knowing that you have delegated the details to experts.

An experienced caterer can help with all aspects of party planning. Finding just the right caterer can make your
reception a dream come true. We recommend you get bids from several caterers, talk to each at length and
inquire about the following:

Budget – What services are provided for the amount you wish to spend?
Experience – What is their training and background, the largest group they have handled?
Licenses – Do they have the proper licenses, health permits, insurance and facilities?
Food – Have you asked about quantity, style and presentation, leftover policy, and head-count deadlines?
Support – Do they provide linens, silver, serving pieces, paper products, and rental items?
Attendants – How many servers are provided? What is their training and attire?
Party Site – Has the caterer worked there before and are they familiar with the policies of the facility?
Beverages – What is provided? Is there a bartender, corkage fee, ice, etc?
Timing – What are their arrival time, event duration, and overtime policies?
Financial Policies – What are their deposits, sales tax and gratuities?
Pictures – Do they have photographs of their work?
Recommendations – Have you asked for references or letters from clients?
Look for a caterer who makes you feel comfortable. Price is not the only consideration; warmth, rapport, and a willingness to be flexible on the part of the caterer, will greatly reduce your stress. An experienced caterer can give you piece of mind and make sure that your reception will be everything you've hoped for and more…


Name, address and contact information
Hours of access to building, emergency contact
Rental arrangements and security, delivery and
pick up dates
Electrical panel location, circuit breakers, location
of light switches
Garbage location/clean up rules/cleaning supplies/
trash bags
Set up responsibilities and duties/janitor or
manager on site
Where to put coats
Where to put gifts/Security for gifts/Taking gifts home
Number of refrigerators and freezers
Number and size of ovens
Ice on site
Smoking rules and regulations
Alcohol Permits
Facility rules and regulations
Cake Delivery Time Name
DJ Arrival Time Name and Phone
It is now possible to purchase wedding insurance.
View the web site at Wedsafe


Time Caterer is to arrive at the Venue:
Number of guests:
Number of Children
Wedding Coordinator’s name/ phone number
Bar is serving:
Kegs (Cooling, Tap, Cups?):
Hard Alcohol:
Signature Drink:
Who is in charge of taking home food/alcohol after
the event?
Who is in charge of gifts/gift table or cards?
How to take gifts home:



People on the West Coast seem to be notoriously ill-mannered when it comes to responses to wedding invitations. I have found that approximately 75% of guests invited will attend, whether or not the wedding party receives the corresponding RSVP. Some brides will put the word “only” on the outside of the invitation envelope to discourage bringing an uninvited guest. Others send out an invitation with the phrase “We will miss you if you cannot RSVP by ______” and suggest a date that will allow for time to communicate effectively with the caterer. Other bridal parties rely on the telephone and the internet to track the guest numbers more accurately. Buffets are readily stretchable and it is not imperative to have an exact headcount.


We will coordinate with the master of ceremonies or DJ to announce the buffet. It is typical to have the bride and groom start the buffet followed by the wedding party, then the family members.

Buffet Etiquette “Do’s”:

Use common sense to determine whether you should
retain your plate or ask for a new one.
If there are still clean plates remaining on the buffet,
you can help yourself to another.
Even though people will be sitting down to eat at
different times, it is polite to keep pace with others.
If you need to leave your seat and are not finished
with your plate, place your napkin on your chair. Wait
to put your napkin back on the table until you are
leaving for good and are completely finished.
If you are attending a stand up buffet or a cocktail
party, avoid overloading your plate so that you can
circulate as well as maintain your balance. Keep your
plate in your left hand so that your right hand will be
available for handshakes.

Buffet Etiquette “Don't's”:

If a dish is in short supply go easy on it.
It is acceptable to ask to have a dish replenished at a
hotel or restaurant, it is not proper at a private party.
It is not considered proper etiquette to overload your
plate or to take food back for others at your table.
It is not proper to go back for seconds until after
everyone has been served.
Needless to say, it is not proper to cut into the
buffet line.
Never scrape or stack your plates at the table
when you are finished.
Remember that social meals, parties and receptions
are occasions where good manners are paramount.
Do not take food from the buffet before the line is open
Do not take more food than is reasonable